A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Super Pong is the modern evolution of Pong with unique power-ups that can change how the game is played. Each player can use four different power-ups to alter how they hit the ball or change the physics of their paddle. Although the gameplay is different, the goal is the same as the classic game, where two players go head-to-head, attempting to win by scoring eleven points before their opponent. Strategically using each power-up will give you the best chance to come out victorious!

Left Player Controls


Wmove the paddle up
Smove the paddle down


Aactivate "Fast Ball"
Qactivate "Curve Ball"
Eactivate "Grow Paddle"
Dactivate "Speed Paddle"

Right Player Controls


Imove the paddle up
Kmove the paddle down


Jactivate "Fast Ball"
Uactivate "Curve Ball"
Oactivate "Grow Paddle"
Lactivate "Speed Paddle"


Super Pong 22 MB
Super Pong 31 MB

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